Thursday, 26 August 2010

is there anything real out there?

I would never of thought of making a blog, it was not on my to do list.. but last night i started talking to someone, someone who unusually is exactly the same as me in most ways! never before have i come across someone who let alone understands what i think on a day to day basis but also understands it and thinks exactly like me. After reading through this persons blog and talking it occured to me that maybe i should make one and after this person told me i should i decided why not...

there is not much in life that i can call "real" the feelings and emotions anybody comes across may not even be real themselves. think about it everything in life is made up.. these feelings and emotions are the product of a man/women that has nothing better to do before anyone knew any better he made them up he/she spread them round pretending they are real.. and as the human minds know no better they therfore beleive in them, and as the many thousands of years pass these manmade feelings and emotions end up being imprinted onto our brains and every persons beleives in them as they know no better

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