Wednesday, 27 October 2010

my mind

heres and insight into what i do and why:
i smoke to dissapoint people around me, therfore the ones who care will still be there
im cocky to hide my insecurity about my personality, therfore barely anyones knows the real me
i like hatred because it shows either the haters jelousy against me or insecurity about there own self, therfore showinng its not only me
im generous with everything that i have because you cant do no harm with giving, therfore im helping people which is what i love
im laid back all of the time as your averaged about 80something years in life and thats too short to care about most things
i hardly sleep because 1. i find it difficult as there is too much going on in my mind,2. i feel there is no need,3. there is more important things that should be done,4 i struggle to drift off and last but not least at night/morning (1 am onwards) is the only time im alone and peaceful which helps clear my head and enables me to think straightly
i let people cause me physical pain becausei cut out pain easily as i have unbelievable amounts of selfcontrol over my mind which enables me to channel and cut out the pain being inflicted
i class myself as shy beacause my self confidence is rock bottom, always has been with strangers.
and thats all i can think of atm i hope you enjoy your insight to my strange mind..

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