Monday, 8 November 2010

it can only get better..

things are worse than ever at home.. couldnt be any worse if im honest, they know now about my smoking and im not glad they know because i like the way i have little secrets from them, i like the way there is always an element of risk around me, but now its gone. "he is gonna do it regardless of what you lot say so stop ganging up on him" i love my dad.. more than anyone could imagine. my mum only cares but its too much, i dont want to be pampered, i want freeedom, let me do what i want let me go where i want. you just need to step away and let me live for a while..

the next couple of days will be hard.. all the shit i have gave you and now you find out this way.. im sorry i dont mean to be like this, but just take a step back and let me live.. nothing you do will change me.. you made me this way and now you will have to put up with it embrace me for who i am!

the life im living atm is jam packed, im always busy, either im out im at college im at a party im working or im in my room watching csi or blogging.. nothing else to my life.. just this! im drifting away from my family.. its not good, but if it brings me freedom then i dont mind for a while?

i think its time i go now.. may not be back for a while dont miss me too much, csi is calling me..... see you all soon! doubt i will be able to keep myself away

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