Thursday, 9 September 2010


im sorry it made you look like a cunt.. i didnt mean to? i didnt even think it made you look like anything.. it doesnt.. i told one story.. one little fucking story and you hate? nothing to it.. just a story.. no meaning behind it, just explaining what made my blogs so depressing that was it no intentions of anything else.. but you hate me? you wont even listen to what i have to say? ill probaly be forgotten tomorow.. meant nothing.. you really believe i would make you out to be a cunt to someone when i think the fucking world of you.. i fucking adore you! i think everything of you. more than that even and you think i would fucking make you a cunt.. giong out now.. dunno what time i will be back or what im doing but i will finish this later..

please at least give me the decency of at lease reading this? i love you

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