Monday, 13 September 2010


people have alot of different perspectives on life.. some people think its about money some about love.. there is even some people that dedicate there life to god? but personally i have no dedication for my life.. i think life should be lived.. live it to the full doing whatever you wish and that is how i intend to live mine! if money comes my way money comes my way.. if love coems my way love comes my way, but at the end of the day im not gonna go out looking for these things! im gonna live.. and if these things come to me i will embrace them and take them on the chin! if these things were meant to be in my life they will be! they will somehow make there way in! so thats why  from now on i have decided im gonna live my life to the max! not a care in the world.. dont give a fuck about what anybody thinks cos im me no one will change that! always gonna be me the same old me and if you like it im glad if you dont, which i know there are many of you who dont, then thats fine with me dont talk to me

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