Sunday, 5 September 2010

im ill

been a busy day for my blog today.. alot of things to write about and nothing good!

i feel ill knowing you will never be mine? phisacally ill.. something is missing from me. where did i go wrong? i suppose i was just stubborn.. couldnt face the facts that you were out of my leugue.. i knew this even before i started talking to you.. but i couldnt resist.. i beleived something could happen and as time went on i beleived something WOULD happen.. i think thats why this has got to me so much because i actually thought i would have a chance.. i would actually be in with a shot, but i guess not, i just wasnt enough for you wasnt what you wanted or wasnt good enough.. the kisses the hugs the phonecalls the texts the play arguements the wake up in the morning freezing cold in a tent but nothing mattered except i woke up next the the most beautiful girl alive! wasnt enough for you but fair enough. i shouldnt of let myself fall so easily so smoothly but i suppose things happen for a reason? i havent found out this reason yet. i bet your getting bored of me writing about you.. most of my blogs are about you anyway but hey.. i will try and stop now. doubt it will work

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