Thursday, 9 September 2010

nothing is ever good enough

been a couple of days since ma last blooog and i feel obliged to write one now!

dont really know what to say today.. inspiration hasnt really been there lately.. but ill freestyle

soo on the bus home from college doing nothing my mind wondered as it always does.. started to think about what people deserve in life, people only deserve what they get.. if they dont get it then its not deserved!its obvious tbh if you get something in life then obviously you to deserve it as at the end of the day you get it? so that got my me thinking deeper as i always do think too deep. totally off subject anyways perserverence is such an uncommon word.. but my life is based on perserverence.. i have always, since i remember, been one to follow what i want and work extremly hard to get it but as time passes i realise that perseverence isnt always a good thing.. take for example a football.. a car? lets say i have a car it makes me happy yes i love the car but i cant supply it with what it needs.. i cant make it happy so at some point you have to let it go to a better owner who will make the car happy and will supply it with what it needs! i dont even know what im going on about now so i will take this oppurtunity to say byeeee.. see ya soon!

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