Sunday, 5 September 2010

nothing i can do..

there is nothing i can do now.. you have made your decision and it wasnt me. you know how i feel you knew it anyway and didnt choose me.. i never did deserve the times i spent with you. i thank you for that atleast.. i just wish i could of done more.. suppose everything happens for a reason? maybe im just not good enough.. not what you wanted. never am what people want.. always a failure a fuck up and nothing changes.. the one thing that for the first time in ages is going right for me just suddenly fucks me up without a blink BANG and im back to the failure i always will be..i dont blame you if i were you i woulda got rid of me along time ago but you stuck by.. for a while.. and at the last minute you do what i would of expected but i was blinded by my own stupid imagination thinking something could of happend.. never been so wrong in my life.. but thats enough.. everything comes to an end unfortunatly.. and as long as you know as i dont know any better i do love you! i dont care what you say i do i believe i do so there it will always be in my heart no matter what.. you know who you are! i love you...

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