Thursday, 23 September 2010

right about now

my life right about now isnt the best it has been tbf.. although i now know who is my friend and who isnt! since college life began i have realised who i can trust and who i cant.. the closest people! but still after all that my life isnt that good.. people believe i hate my life? i want to fail? i am pissing about? your all wrong. my life isnt the best but i dont hate it, there is many more lives out there worse than mine! i have mostly what i want, mostly what i need. one thing in life i want is to succeed, i dont want to fail anyone! but i haved failed many times and many people already. im not "pissing about" im only enjoying the life i have been blessed with, making the days as fun as possible, enjoying the time i have left on this beautifully fucked up planet! live how you want to live! and i will live how i want.. keeping it real and keeping as sane as possible but at the same time being insanely fucked up in a banterful way.. i fucking love it! and you know what if you are close to me you should love it to! no way im changing at any time in my life! in times of sadness you realise alot! the good and the bad.. but thats another blog for another time! bless you all who read this!

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